GAME: Heidelberg 1693

To be published

Release in 2019

Arcade as it was never seen before!

Work in Progress!

We are aiming at nothing less than to redefine the arcade genre by the means of an altered gameplay in combination with outstanding artworks.
This is not a lookalike or game that easiyly fits into existing genres. It is the consequent evolution defining a genre of its own: arcade-simulation. Based on heavy research into the 17th century aera the core gameplay had to find other ways than bullet-hell infinite autofire or jetpackjumpmoves without becoming slow, lame or somewhat nice to look at but boring the hell out of the player.

  • Unique Weapon Handling
  • Research based
  • Heidelberg during the 17th Centrury
  • Fight Beasts and Monsters!
  • Historic places





A Musketeer is named a musketeer because of his weapon of choice – the musket. A musket is a one shot rifle so heave, that it had to be fired from a one legged support. You need time to reload after every shot, and your shots are limited. So be careful when to make use the handy long distance weapon and when to encounter the sword based hand to hand combat. 

Overall 50%
Gamemechanics 70%
Artworks 35%
Research 99%
Leveldesign 85%

As a musketeer you are ordered to terminate the “moonking” – a thought to be illegitimate relative of Louis XIV of France, known by his nickname “the Sun King” because his empire was so large that somewhere within its boundaries the sun was literally always shining. Your job is to locate and kill the moonking, because he has gone rogue and strives after the throne of Louis by the help of a common interest in those times: dark science. So you have to battle your way through herds of undead, ghouls and monsters. 

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