GAME: Heidelberg 1693

Come and see: Test & talk the final Pre-Alpha at the Baltic Dev Days in Kiel.

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Release in 2019

Finest arcade as it was never seen before!
Work in Progress!

We are aiming at nothing less than to redefine the arcade genre by the means of an altered gameplay in combination with outstanding artworks.
This is not a lookalike or game that easiyly fits into existing genres. It is the consequent evolution defining a genre of its own: arcade-simulation. Based on heavy research into the 17th century aera the core gameplay had to find other ways than bullet-hell infinite autofire or jetpackjumpmoves without becoming slow, lame or somewhat nice to look at but boring the hell out of the player.

  • Unique Weapon Handling
  • Research based
  • Heidelberg during the 17th Centrury
  • Fight Beasts and Monsters!
  • Historic places





A Musketeer is named a musketeer because of his weapon of choice – the musket. A musket is a one shot rifle so heave, that it had to be fired from a one legged support. You need time to reload after every shot, and your shots are limited. So be careful when to make use the handy long distance weapon and when to encounter the sword based hand to hand combat. 

Overall 90%
Gamemechanics 93%
Artworks 76%
Research 99%
Leveldesign 85%

The year is 1693: War engulfs Europe as France, led by the illustrious Louis XIV, battles the Grand Alliance. Also called the Sun King for his luxurious tastes and extravagant appearances, he is driven by the belief that the sun – his sun – should shine upon all peoples of the world. His enemies are as numerous as the stars but it is the moon that reigns the night. Poisoned and left for dead, Louis’s bastard son emerges from the smoke and ashes of Germany’s battlefields under the guise of the Moon King. Hatred festering in his heart, he has employed the aid of diabolical and forbidden sciences to build an army the likes of which the world had not seen since the days of Lucifer’s rebellion.

Now the dead rise from their mass graves, seeking vengeance upon the king that demanded their deaths while he basked in glory. Can you, the Sun King’s bravest musketeer, stop the approaching eclipse before it swallows the sun?

Comments on

“This game is a lot of fun but it’s also quite difficult.”

“I love your art style, congratulations.”

“I had some great time with the demo.”

“Really fun game.”

Comments on

“Never thought I’d see semi-accurately slow musket use in a platformer. The game looks great.”

“SEHR geil!”

“Tolle Idee, starke Mechanik!!

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Game of the Month: Heidelberg 1693!

“The artwork is nice looking in a grim and dirty way that is very good at being atmospheric”


“Another punishing 2D sidescroller that takes many of the mechanics of Konami’s classic, tweaks them, tosses in a few new ones, and the result is pretty awesome!”

“The artwork is excellent, the combat is fun and you really need your wits about you to survive the monster infested streets of Heidelberg.”

“…In „Heidelberg 1693″ ist man mit der Muskete unterwegs, kämpft gegen Zombies und Untote. Entwickler Sebastian De Andrade legt Wert auf Details: Man muss die Muskete sogar nach jedem Schuss nachladen.”

“Schon jetzt gefallen mir die originelle Spielmechanik sowie das Leveldesign mit seinen klug gesetzten Pickups für Lebensenergie und Munition. Beides ist konstant Mangelware, aber wenn du dich kühn vorarbeitest findest du immer wieder mal was. Das Stil und Präsentation die Wucht in Tüten sind siehst du ja selber. Animation, Hintergründe, Musik – alles ganz stark!”

“Das Game bietet ein spannendes Setting, eine schöne Grafik mit passender Musik.”


“Heidelberg 1693 is a fantastically animated Castlevania-esque side-scrolling motion journey.

“Das sieht ziemlich cool aus. Wer Castlevania mochte, sollte das Spiel hier unbedingt mal ausprobieren.

“The game provides an increasing level of difficulty and as a result of the unique weapons handling an exciting mix of action and tactics.

All of this is set into a most appealing scenery with a very own 2D sprite style.”

“Heidelberg 1693 is the latest actioner from Andrade Games, the studio behind 1917 – The Alien Invasion and SturmFront – The Mutant War. The studio is known for its gritty art style and throwback arcade action.

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