Presskit HD 1693

Date of release

est. oct. 2019


Not yet available

Supported platforms:

2019 PC, 2020 Switch
Maybe Mac, Xbox and Playstation, too

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Story of the game

The year is 1693: War engulfs Europe as France, led by the illustrious Louis XIV, battles the Grand Alliance. Also called the Sun King for his luxurious tastes and extravagant appearances, he is driven by the belief that the sun – his sun – should shine upon all peoples of the world. His enemies are as numerous as the stars but it is the moon that reigns the night. Poisoned and left for dead, Louis’s bastard son emerges from the smoke and ashes of Germany’s battlefields under the guise of the Moon King. Hatred festering in his heart, he has employed the aid of diabolical and forbidden sciences to build an army the likes of which the world had not seen since the days of Lucifer’s rebellion.

Now the dead rise from their mass graves, seeking vengeance upon the king that demanded their deaths while he basked in glory. Can you, the Sun King’s bravest musketeer, stop the approaching eclipse before it swallows the sun?

Story behind the game

We love arcade and we love history, so we decided to combine the both. We did extended research on the era of the 17th century and tried to figure out, why this time, rich of interesting aspects is that heavily underrepresented in contemporary game making. 

Anyways, we then thought on how to combine our research and the making of a traditional 2D side scroller. We wanted it to be realistic and mystic and a fun2play arcade game – in short we wanted the squaring the circle. Research brought new ideas, new ideas demanded new game mechanics, new game mechanics asked to figure out new ideas on how to make it feel like the 17th century.
Thus we have for example a single shot shooting system in a classic bullethell environment, which is up to our knowlegdge a new twist within the complete segment, making the game sort of unique. 

What do others say?

In „Heidelberg 1693″ ist man mit der Muskete unterwegs, kämpft gegen Zombies und Untote. „Man muss die Muskete sogar nach jedem Schuss nachladen. So wie früher!”
BILD, 01.06.2019

Comments on

“This game is a lot of fun but it’s also quite difficult.”

“I love your art style, congratulations.”

“I had some great time with the demo.”

“Really fun game.” 

Comments on

“Never thought I’d see semi-accurately slow musket use in a platformer. The game looks great.”

Promotion pictures and video

Who is Andrade Games?

Andrade Games is a small german game development enterprise. It was founded by Sebastian de Andrade. Today it is lead by him and Guido Kühn. 

Both share the love for making comics and making games and met first as university lecturers in this field of interest. 

Andrade Games already published two video games, one was published on Nintendo switch. 

Game Credits

Sebastian deAndrade

Idea, Programming, Gamedevelopment, Artworks

Guido Kühn

Idea, Research, Gamedevelopment, Artworks

Erzen Luboja


Game Logo


Sebastian und Guido first met in Heidelberg. 

The character of the Moon King is loosely based on the legend of the man with the iron mask. 

Next to the game Sebastian and Guido are working on a comic book with the same setting and title.