Sebastian de Andrade

  • Game Developer
  • Comic Artist
  • Master in Informatik
  • Founder of Andrade Games
  • Lecturer for Gamedevelopment
Guido Kühn

Guido Kühn

  • Comic Artist, Illustrator and AV Mediadesigner
  • 2001 bis 2013 Professur für 2D/3D Animation und Mediendesign
  • 2015 bis 2019 Professur für Crossmedia Design – Illustration/Game
  • Lecturer for Gamedevelopment

    Editorial Cartoons


Andrade Games

The label Andrade Games was founded in 2015 with the release of SturmFront – The Mutant War, a return to the golden age of arcade gaming and a passion project from a single developer: Sebastian de Andrade and hence the name of the studio. Before turning to developing games, Sebastian worked in the niche German comics scene, where he met lifetime friends like Steff Murschetz and Guido Kühn and was able to hone his artistic skills. As a result of the positive feedback to his first game, it was decidecd to push the limits even further by making an even better Shoot ‘Em Up; this resulted in the creation of 1917 – The Alien Invasion. This was also the first commercial release, since SturmFront was available for free.
Today Andrade Games is regarded as a quality game developing studio.